28 mayo 2007

¿No a la guerra?

Hombre, planteado así no sé qué decirle. ¿Por qué no le preguntamos a alguien de Sierra Leona?:
'I would not be speaking to you if it weren't for the risks Blair took'.
To say Tony Blair is popular in Sierra Leone scarcely does justice to the intensity of feeling towards him in this small tropical corner of west Africa.
His decision seven years ago to send in British troops at the height of a brutal civil war is widely seen by Sierra Leoneans themselves as the critical moment in their country's salvation. It turned the tide in the conflict and helped bring an end to an 11-year nightmare.
The village of Mahera, for example, would almost certainly have been overrun in 2000 by rebels with a well-earned reputation for chopping off the limbs of children had British paratroopers not stood in their way.

Podéis ver también este ilustrativo vídeo.

(Vía normblog).
Creo que la gente de Zimbawue está gritando lo mismo que ellos.

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