13 marzo 2009

Sólo "thrillers"

Repasando antiguas notas he encontrado esta pequeña extravaganza judicial. No se puede decir que sea de "rabiosa actualidad", pero vale la pena rescatarla.

A prize-winning novelist has won a settlement of more than £100,000 after she claimed to have become so intoxicated by fumes from a nearby shoe factory that she was reduced to writing thrillers.
Joan Brady, who beat Andrew Motion and Carol Anne Duffy to win the Whitbread Prize in 1993 with her book The Theory of War, has received £115,000 in an out-of-court settlement after she suffered numbness in her hands and legs allegedly caused by solvents used by Conker, a cobbler based next to her home in Totnes, Devon

No me atrevería a decir que es una acertada metáfora de lo peor de nuestra época, pero...

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